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For Gamers Who Wants To Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Get In Shape!

Sign up to our 12-week transformation program for gamers who want to lose fat, build muscle and get in better shape! Walk away in the best shape of your life and tools to continue your journey on your own afterwards!

This is For Gamers Who…

12-Week Fitness Program
Tailored To You

Customized Meal Plan & Recipes

This is not a templated approach. We calculate your nutritional needs and create a custom meal plan to fit your macros.

Personalized Training Plans

Let us know your current fitness level and if you’ll be working out at home, from the gym or outside (or all 3!) and we’ll create a training plan that works for you.

Full Access To Our Premium App

Through the app you’ll be able to view your daily nutrition and training plan, as well as track your overall progress throughout the challenge.

Video Explanations of Each Exercise

Your personal trainer might not be by your side, but you’ll still receive training and guidance on the proper form for each exercise. We also share educational videos weekly to help level up your health and wellness knowledge.

Join Our Private Discord Channel

Keep yourself accountable and chat with other like-minded gamers in our Discord channel.

Weekly Check-ins For Accountability

We’ll check in with you each week to see how you’re doing, answer any questions and cheer you on through the program.

Invest In Yourself
We’ll create a set of dynamic training plans and meal plans that acts like roadmaps for you. They are easy to follow, and designed specially to your background, experience, taste, goal-setting, needs and every day life.
Level Up With Us

Lose Weight

We have helped 500+ gamers achieve their dream body and we can’t wait to help you next!

Build Muscle

If you want to build more muscle mass, you’re in the right place! We know what it takes and our training plan is tailored to benefit gamers like you.

Improve Mood

When you prioritize your physical activity and diet, not only will you look better but you’ll feel better too! You can look forward to improved mood and increased energy as the challenge progresses.

Develop a Healthier Lifestyle

Sure, before and after photos are great, but that’s not what this is about. After your 3 months period, you will possess the tools needed to maintain this lifestyle change long-term.

What Our Clients Have To Say
Before After

Nicklas - 110kg to 95kg.

Before After

Jay. 95kg to 80kg.

Kasper - 170kg to 98kg

Hanieh - Muscle Gain

Kasper P. - 24% fat to 16%

Ali - Muscle Gain

Maria - Weight Loss 9kg

Hasse - Weight Loss 12.6kg

The Details

Everything You Need To Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey!

Duration: 12 weeks

The Sign Up Process:

Sign up and fill out our in-depth questionnaire.

Let us do all the calculations to set up the perfect 12-weeks program for you.

Time to rock!

12-Weeks Tailored And Proven Action Plans To Get You In Shape!

Level up your mind and body in just 12 weeks.

Your Team

Daniel Andreas Lazar EHFA Certified Personal Trainer

Mike 'Gingi' Djebbara Pro Gamer & Fitness Coach

Christian Frantsen Personal Trainer & Clinical Dietician

Jackson 'Bajheera' Diverge Fitness Partner


We've got A's for your Q's

Can I make this work for me if I want to workout at home?

Yes, you absolutely can! We’ll make sure to create a program that uses the equipment you have available at home. And don’t worry if you don’t have any gym equipment – we can solve that too!

I am allergic to certain foods. Do you guys take that into account when making my meal plan?

Yes we do! Whether you don’t like/eat or are allergic to: lactose, gluten, nuts, eggs, pig, shellfish, fish, vegetarian, vegan or are an pescetarian we still have a meal plan that suits you.

How long does it take to get the service delivered?

Once we receive the questionnaire from you, it takes around 4-5 days before all your plans are active.

Do you guys work internationally or only in Europe?

Our service is available worldwide.

I have never entered a gym before. Is this still for me?

Yes. We accept everybody, and make sure, that the fitness-solution we create will match your training experience, goals, needs and life-situation.

What's in the app?

You’ll find all the tools you need in our app, such as: Your individualized training program (with “how-to” videos), meal plan (with recipes too!), “macros”, direct chat-system with us, tracking tools for your progression, and much more!

Do I pay for all 3 months in one go or do I pay in monthly intervals?

You can choose both. Either to pay $167 every month over 3 months, or save $204 and pay all 3 months in one go.

What do you guys expect from me?

An open mind, honest communication, patience and commitment.
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